Kids have smartphones.
Parents have blind spots.

Take the worry out of giving kids a smartphone with our online service that monitors what your kids do on their mobile devices and lets you know when they are getting in trouble or when they need help.

Stop Risks You Can't See

Porn, drugs, sexting, violence or worse. You can't avoid these risks by limiting screen time or the apps kids use. We can.

Inappropriate Content

Decide what is appropriate and what isn’t in areas like drugs, violence, puppies and nudity.

Dangerous Conversations

Know when to intervene because of threats like predation, abuse, or coached self-harm.

High Risk

Teach kids the consequences when they click share on that selfie, or if they see it.

Disappearing Messages

See inside disappearing messages and photos, and when chats turn nasty or hurtful.

Apps aren't good or bad. Risks like these can happen in the apps you know and the ones you don't. Latch Mobile keeps you ahead of the headlines, on top of the app trends, and and above a changing mobile landscape.

Images are simulated to illustrate real risks and are not meant to imply risks are confined to the apps shown.

Safety You Can Afford

And can't afford to be without. Protect your family for just $10 per month, which covers up to two kids and all their mobile devices. Get one month free when you sign up for the year.

Getting started is as easy as signing up for a family account, installing the Latch Mobile app on your child's devices and pairing those devices with your account.

The parent dashboard is available on the web and for all devices. Monitoring is only available for Android devices. Support for iPhones and iPads will be available later this year.

Safety You Can Trust


Extra Eyes...With a Brain
Backed by machine intelligence and patent pending technology that analyzes what kids do on their devices and every app they use. Our models recognize the content, emotion and significance of apps, images and conversations, and are always learning to protect your kids against the unknown apps and risks of tomorrow.


Information...Without Spying
Designed to give you the information you need, but still provide kids privacy and the chance to use the apps they have safely and responsibly. Complies with the Federal Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) that regulates the collection of data from minors under 13. No ads or data sharing with advertisers.


Encrypted...From the Inside Out
Secured with experience from 20 years in cybersecurity and a microservices architecture that encrypts and authorizes everything internally and externally, and employs technology like hardware-backed keys and execution to help prevent data compromise. You always control how long data is retained and who can access it.

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